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About Medtrust LLC

MedTrust has been in business for more than 20 years. Our sole focus is providing customized long-term healthcare staffing solutions that foster continuity of care. Our staff are selected to fit seamlessly with each client's program and staff. Our recruiting team covers the entire United States and our credentialing team ensures each candidate meets each and every federal government requirement and is presented in a clear and organized packet.

With more than twenty years in business, the MedTrust team knows where to find great caregivers and what appropriate compensation is for each areas of the country. A price from MedTrust is a price a client can rely on to ensure each position is not just filled, but filled with a quality caregiver. MedTrust's emphasis on individual professional growth is reflected in the financial support and other training we offer our team members. Knowing where to look, having a strong industry reputation and offering a solid benefits package all leads to a consistently high fill-rate month after month for each MedTrust client.



June 2017 - March 2020 San Antonio, TX
“Everyone was so helpful to go through the onboarding process. ”
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