Meissner Filtration Products, Inc.

About Meissner Filtration Products, Inc.

Meissner manufactures advanced microfiltration products and One-Touch® single-use systems for critical applications across the Pharmaceutical, Bioprocessing, Biologicals, Laboratory, Microelectronics, Food and Beverage, Industrial, and Chemical industries.

Our filters serve the complete microfiltration range, from sterilization through clarification and prefiltration requirements. For critical filtration applications, Meissner offers membrane filters in PVDF, PES, PP and PTFE in configurations of syringe filters, disc filters, capsule filters, small flow element filters, filter cartridges, high capacity UltraCap® capsules, UltraCap® H.D. (heavy duty) capsules and UltraSnap® filter assemblies. Meissner also offers a range of pleated microfiber filters in polypropylene and borosilicate glass, and polypropylene depth filters.

Our One-Touch® single-use systems portfolio includes biocontainers, rigid outer containers and fluid path assemblies and delivers optimized fluid handling and integral fluid management.

Meissner Technical Services (MTS) provides comprehensive qualification and validation services, documentation and application support to optimize filtration and single-use fluid management systems. We are committed to providing the utmost level of product quality and customer care. Our global client base is serviced through a worldwide network of personnel.


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July 2017 San Luis Obispo, CA
“I like they they worked to find a project to suit my skill set, but that would still challenge me and give me room to grow. ”
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