About Metabob

Metabob is a Python visualization tool and debugger. Target Market: Python Software Developers and Enterprises that use Python in their softwares (AI, ML, Cybersecurity, Platforms).

Startup formed in 2020 through NEC X Labs.
Founder: Massimiliano Genta, an Alumni of Menlo College, and serial entrepreneur. If you're interested in entrepreneurship or cutting edge marketing and software technologies, Massi has spent several years developing his own influencer marketing, social media, and software platforms.

Positions Available:

1. Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship Students:
Business Development: Sales & Marketing: content marketing on social medias (, linkedin contact development (connecting with potential enterprise customers via linkedin network invites), emailing Github users, setting up email newsletters, cold calling, and setting up demos. As of March 2021 we have a dedicated team of 6 working in this team. They provide excellent support and encouragement to those interested in expanding our brand awareness and acquisition of customers.

2. Software Development Students:
A. Python Backend Engineer: Python, SQL, Databases. Learn to create public facing modular api's for machine learning processes, integrate with various external APIs and manage database resources in a scalable and efficient manner.
B. QA Engineer: Javascript. Learn to build end-to-end testing for web applications, create test automation suites and define automated issue reporting.
C. Security Engineer (DevSecOps): Key Management systems, penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, Security monitoring tools. Integrate security tools to CI/CD. Proficiency in 1 of programming language and scripting. Data security experience, data in transit, rest and compute. Prepare security vulnerability and risk management reports. Familiarity with AWS Security services. Strong network, OS (Linux) knowledge

3. Interested but may not fit the above categories? Please let us know how you may be able to add value to our team.


marketing and finance intern

June 2021 - August 2021 Mountain View, CA
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