Metis Strategy

Strategy and Management Consulting Intern

May - August 2021 • Dallas, TX

What I liked

There has been a lot of hands-on experience and very good exposure to both project and client work. The culture is very welcoming and supportive. As a small boutique strategy consulting firm, Metis does punch above its weight and serves some quite well-known clients in some important engagements.

What I wish was different

You learn on the job as opposed to receiving formal training. Metis does not recruit as much from campus exactly for this reason (the intern program is the main exception to this rule). Since folks work on multiple streams of projects at any given time, you will need to learn to drive your work when it is not possible to receive as much guidance from your direct supervisor. As a result, you have to be proactive in asking for help.


As a fast-growing firm, Metis is a hidden gem for people looking to gain a good consulting experience in addition to a close-knit community.
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