Metro Parks Tacoma

About Metro Parks Tacoma

Metro Parks Tacoma (MPT) is a CAPRA-accredited and AZA-accredited, independent park district that leads efforts to build a healthy, sustainable community. Good parks, open space and program services contribute to economic development by fostering economic benefits and promoting tourism.

These eight core values will guide future decisions, business and operations, and the manner in which MPT treats staff, customers and the community:
•Innovation •Excellence •Equity •Inclusiveness •Sustainability •Accountability •Safety •Fun


Park Police

June 2021 - August 2021 Tacoma, WA
“I enjoyed interacting with my community in a productive ways. As large public gathering places, parks have a fantastic ability to build community and explore nature. I really enjoyed meeting people and helping them understand my organization and provide them the proper information.”

Environmental volunteer

March 2019 - June 2019 Tacoma, WA
“I liked serving my community and ecosystems within it. I enjoyed also being around other neighbors with similar intentions, working towards the same goal of making our natural wetland healthy.”
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