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About MFS®:
In 1924 MFS® established the first mutual fund to help make the US stock market more accessible to the average investor. Today, that commitment to investors remains evident in everything about the firm. At MFS® we hire talented individuals and allow them to work together. Office doors are always open, and everyone is on a first-name basis. We believe the best ideas emerge from a culture of collaboration.


Corporate Finance Intern

June 2023 - August 2023 Boston, MA
“I liked that from the very beginning MFS had made it clear that this was a very open-minded environment and that interns should feel free to email and chat with employees throughout the entire organization and not just their direct supervisors. All interns were encouraged to learn as much as possible about MFS, which was something appreciated a lot as we transitioned into our last years of undergrad. I felt very supported by all the individuals that I spoke with at MFS.”

Institutional Sales Intern

June 2023 - August 2023 Toronto, Ontario
“MFS has an amazing atmosphere and during my time working with the team in both Toronto and with the interns in Boston, I was given the opportunity to learn from some incredible and very insightful people. Personally, I really enjoyed working on the intern Capstone project as it gave me the chance to not only connect and learn from the interns in Boston, but also speak to different individuals from various teams and gain a well-rounded experience. I never felt a disconnect, despite being in another city, which I think really speaks for how MFS has a great culture and environment. I was also given the chance to step outside of my comfort zone and work on projects that I may not have had a lot of experience with, but truly allowed me to learn and grow. Working at MFS for the last two months has been an incredible experience that I am very grateful for and would recommend to anyone!”
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