Golf Course Maintenance/Self Employed Landscaper

May - August 2019 • Gaylord, MI

What I liked

I enjoyed being able to work outside in the summer because it is much more enjoyable when the whether is nice out than to be cooped up inside all day. I actually worked both for a golf course and by myself running a landscaping business where I was the sole proprietor. What I enjoyed about that was working my own hours, choosing my own wage, and being able to try and learn different skills that I did not expect to receive. I also enjoyed running my own business and dealing with scheduling and customers. I feel like I learned more about the real world this summer than I have in most of my life.

What I wish was different

One thing I wish had been different was the early phase of my business where I took every job I could find and ended up having a schedule I could not keep up with. Also I wish I had raised my wage early on because I found later a better way to price my work in order to bring in more money.


One piece of advice I could give is don't be afraid to say no, it will help you structure your life the way you want it.
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