Michigan National Guard

About Michigan National Guard

The Michigan National Guard is a community based organization. Our focus is on serving our community, state and country. With career fields in medical, military police, IT, administrative and human resources to engineering, food services, construction or infantry, we have something for everyone. Serve 1 weekend per month and you can take advantage of huge benefits, especially when it comes to education. Receive $10k per year for tuition, $50,000 student loan repayment, a $300-$500/mo stipened, a $1200/ year book stipened, a monthly pay check and GI Bill. That's just education incentives, you can also receive health care, pension and 401k style retirement plan! Additionally, we pay you for training and certifications - many of which correlate to civilian careers.



June 2019 - August 2019 Grayling, MI
“I got to travel to Wisconson for a job related school for 6 weeks. The money was pretty decent.”
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