Mici Handcrafted Italian

About Mici Handcrafted Italian

Mici is short for our family name, Miceli. We're local now, but have roots deep in Italian soil. Where we come from, food is a big deal. For us, meals are celebrations of family, good food and culture. In our homes, we believe in exceptional ingredients, tradition and value - all of which carry over to what we offer at Mici. Our recipes have been in our family for generations, and our dishes are named for the people and places that mean the most to us. We cook with love and take our time to craft distinctive dishes that aren't just filling, but deeply satisfying. It's just what we do for family!


Restaurant Server

May 2019 - August 2019 Lafayette, CO
“I enjoyed working there for the time that I did, and they paid me quite decently. ”
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