Micro Focus

About Micro Focus

Micro Focus is one of the world’s largest enterprise software providers. We deliver mission-critical technology and supporting services that help thousands of customers worldwide manage core IT elements of their business so they can run and transform—at the same time.

Micro Focus is a UK-based 3 billion global software company with over 14,000 employees.


Software Engineer

December 2018 Provo, UT
“I love the work life balance and being treated like a human being rather then just another employee. I feel like I am gaining marketable skills that will help me in my career for years to come. I am also making great connections with colleagues that I'll take with me for the rest of my career. ”

Software Engineer Intern

August 2018 Provo, UT
“This is a great place to work while going to school as an intern. They are very flexible with your schedule, and work with your school schedule. I have also been able to take days off if I have appointments I need to go to. You will also receive access to some health care for people working 20+ hrs a week, and they pay you for half a day on holidays. The people are very helpful, and it is a great place to gain real world experience for the field. They do like to hire interns if there are job openings, though you will need to wait until your about a year away from graduation before they will look at you seriously.”
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