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MidAtlantic Engineering Partners, LLC. is a civil, environmental and marine engineering and surveying firm dedicated to providing our clients with a comprehensive suite of consulting services throughout the region.


Engineering Intern

September 2016 - September 2018 Hamilton Township, NJ
“I loved the close knit teamwork and decision making that MidAtlantic offered for it's engineers. It was easy to stay on track of projects and their files/document organization system is very sophisticated. During my time with the firm, I gathered valuable experience in office and job site etiquette. The trust my engineers put in me to perform certain tasks built my confidence and relationships with other fellow engineers. I was allowed to pursue certain jobs at my own pace and was given answers to all of my questions, no matter how simple/complex they were. The learning/work environment at MidAtlantic is one that I will regard as an excellent standard for other firms to follow.”
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