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About Midmark Corporation

Midmark Corporation, a privately held company founded in 1915, is a leading provider of medical, dental and veterinary equipment and technologies. Our nearly 1,700 teammates worldwide are passionate, courageous leaders focused on making a positive difference in the lives we touch by improving the experience between patients and their caregivers. Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, Midmark maintains production and administrative offices in Versailles, Ohio, as well as seven other locations in the United States and international subsidiaries in India, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Midmark has a corporate culture like no other in the markets we serve. As we continue to grow with each year and throughout each generation, we will remain committed to our customers, our teammates, our community and to efficient patient care.


Engineer Co-op

August 2023 - December 2023 Versailles, OH
“There were three major aspects of Midmark that I appreciated: the amount of valuable work, building presentation skills, and the mentorship program. As a manufacturing engineer, I was able to work on multiple projects over the semester that were both hands-on and valuable to the company for the production of their soon-to-be-launched products. Throughout the semester, the co-op program required that we present our work three times in addition to a final presentation. In addition to that, the manufacturing group had co-ops participating in weekly presentations as well. This was all extremely valuable to building up my presentation skills, especially when it came to communication of technical concepts. Finally, every co-op is assigned a mentor, mine was very responsive and gave me a lot of constructive criticism which really helped me grow out of my comfort zone. ”

Mechanical Engineering Intern

January 2023 - May 2023 Versailles, OH
“I learned an absolute ton working here, and I was in Operations. My mentor always made sure I had things to do, and also asked if I had enough/too much. My projects ranged from documenting an existing part into their file system (which is where I learned their modeling program and document system), to designing a brand new cart to help transport weld line barrels through the plant. Because my goal is to be a design engineer in the future, it was invaluable to me to learn what the manufacturing and fabricating process is truly like. You can't design a product if you don't understand how it will be made!”
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