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The diversity and flexibility of our skills enables us to effectively represent large corporations, closely-held companies, and individuals in matters as simple as a two-party contract or as complex as a multi-defendant lawsuit; as commonplace as a warning letter, or as obscure as contesting a natural resources dispute.


Accounting Intern

August 2021 Grand Rapids, MI
“I like the experience overall. My colleagues were friendly and helpful. The HR Director is very approachable and understanding. Also being that the department was initially understaffed, this gave room to take on bigger responsibilities and figure things out on my own, thus adding to my knowledge and experience. It gave me a new sense of reassurance regarding my abilities as a young professional. Smaller sized companies also allow you to really see the accounting operations on a small scale. Whereas with a larger company, you may have a very specialized role where you don't see all aspects of the accounting procedures involved in the company. ”
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