Mike Johnston for Colorado

About Mike Johnston for Colorado

"Colorado deserves a US Senator who will run to our hardest problems and show the leadership to pass real progressive policy; that’s why today I’m announcing my campaign for the U.S. Senate."

Mike Johnston has spent his life running towards our country’s hardest problems.

Mike began his work in public service as a teacher in one of America’s poorest counties. He returned to Colorado where he worked as a school principal in a juvenile prison and helped turn around a struggling school for immigrant families, making it the first school in state history where 100% of seniors graduated and earned acceptance into college. He served as a top policy adviser to President Obama, and in 2009 decided to run for State Senate.

As a State Senator Mike co-sponsored legislation mandating universal background checks and proudly supported the measure that imposed a 15-round limit on magazines. He took on the NRA twice—and won. Additionally, he spearheaded the passage of a bill that enabled undocumented high school students to pursue college by granting them the right to pay in-state tuition at all public Colorado colleges. And Mike successfully pushed to increase the state’s renewable energy standards to exceed those outlined in the Paris Climate Accord.

Now Mike is running for U.S. Senate to stand up to Donald Trump and fight for Colorado; he’ll get results on the issues that matter most like climate change, immigration, health care, and guns.

Mike was raised in Eagle County, Colorado, and lives in Northeast Denver with his wife Courtney, a Chief District Attorney, and three children.


Summer Democracy Field & Finance Fellow

June 2019 - August 2019 Denver, CO
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