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About Miller Valentine

Our passion is to build—places people build lives, businesses and communities, collaborative partnerships that expand and elevate our capabilities and proven processes that lead to more consistent outcomes. This drives our commitment to constant improvement, finding new, smarter, better ways to build greater efficiency and predictability into every project and every relationship. It’s the spirit behind everything we do, and what makes us a force of transformation for our customers, our partners and our entire industry. And it’s why we show up every day inspired, motivated and determined to find a better way to build dreams and change lives, together.

Founded in Dayton, Ohio in 1963 as a General Contractor, Miller Valentine Construction specialized in the construction of highways and bridges. By the late 1960’s, we began to develop industrial and office buildings throughout southwest Ohio. From there, we expanded into the construction and development of both affordable and luxury multifamily communities growing into more than 16 states. In 2018, we spun off ancillary businesses and refocused our energy on building a best in class construction company. Today, we serve clients all over the country from our four offices in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; and Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina. We have built over 100MM square feet of commercial space and 16,000 multifamily units for corporate clients, developers and local business owners.


Construction Co-Op

January 2022 - May 2022 Dayton, OH
“I enjoyed all of the on-site work I got to experience. Field work is an important basis in civil engineering, and seeing how things get done in person will help later on in the office. I've always been a hands on person, so being in the field allowed me to try things I never thought I would be able to try. For example, I was able to be a part of some cool processes like tilt-up panel construction and day-to-day jobsite maintenance. All of these experiences will definitely help me later on in my career.”

Project Technician

August 2021 - December 2021 Dayton, OH
“As an on site employee I had to opportunity to see the majority of a project be completed. I learned hands on from Project Managers and Supervisors about the commercial construction process. I also used Procore to help track progress and log updates for the site. I helped coordinate with subcontractors to help solve problems that arose on site. ”
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