Milwaukee County Parks Department

About Milwaukee County Parks Department

Mission Statement:
Sustaining the legacy of our world-class park system by managing and conserving natural, cultural, and recreational resources for the benefit of the community.
Our park system began with the creation of The Milwaukee County Park Commission on August 20, 1907. Although parks had already been established within the limits of the City of Milwaukee by the City Park Commission, the visionary new County Park Commission had a much broader goal for the park system. Early Commissioners conceived of a park system that would form a "green belt" or series of scenic drives and parks encircling the county. Parks were located in outlying areas to allow for population expansion. Commissioners selected land not only for its natural beauty and interest, but also for its fitness for various forms of active and passive recreation.


Food and Beverage Manager

May 2022 - September 2023 Milwaukee, WI
“Enjoyable atmosphere and friendly crew. The work was not too demanding, though it got intense at certain points. ”


June 2016 Milwaukee, WI
“I enjoyed being outside and all of the medical training that came with the job! I feel very prepared in real life circumstances if there is a medical emergency because I am trained and have real life experience. ”
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