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About Minerva University

Minerva University was established in 2012 to provide an extraordinary liberal arts and sciences education to the brightest, most motivated students in the world. We believe that preparing such students to become the next generation of global leaders and innovators will positively impact our collective future.
We are dedicated to ensuring our students are equipped to fulfill their enormous potential. By combining a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum, advanced learning technology, and immersive cultural experiences, we train our students to solve the most complex global challenges. Our expert instruction, based on the science of learning, instills the fundamental cognitive skills and critical knowledge needed for success in any field.
All our courses are taught as intimate seminars, with direct professor engagement. Because rigorous, active learning is central to our pedagogy, there are no large introductory classes, nor lectures of any kind. Every class is an opportunity to interact with your professor and a small group of your peers.
A Minerva education is highly selective and uniquely accessible. Our demanding admissions process, including a series of assessments and interviews, ensures all admitted students meet the highest levels of individual drive, commitment and academic achievement. This entirely merit-based admissions policy and our distinctly scalable approach, allows us to accept all applicants who qualify.
This unparalleled education, together with our active, ongoing career support services, positions graduates to thrive in an increasingly interconnected global context.


Tech support intern

May 2020 - September 2020 San Francisco, CA
“the experience”

Social Science Research Assistant

May 2020 - September 2020 San Francisco, CA
“Flexible hours, remote”
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