Mothers Without Borders

About Mothers Without Borders

We are an international development agency based in Provo, UT. Our mission is to nurture and care for orphaned and vulnerable children and give voice to the power of love. Currently, our work is focused in Zambia, Africa where we operate numerous programs including an orphan care center, a primary school, and multiple women’s empowerment groups. Additionally, we take about 100 volunteers with us to Africa for a personal growth / humanitarian experience every Summer.

We are seeking students of all majors with big hearts for our cause to help, both in the US and in Zambia.



May 2019 Provo, UT
“There is such a great atmosphere of respect and friendship. I got to be involved in so many of the processes because my advisor genuinely wanted my input.”

Media Lead Internship

April 2019 - July 2019 Lusaka, Lusaka Province
“The people I worked with at Mothers Without Borders were so friendly and fun to work with! I was interested in doing more nonprofit work and found my niche at Mothers Without Borders. Getting to travel to Zambia with an internship team in May was a highlight of my internship experience, but there really is a place for everyone at Mothers Without Borders.”
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