Muhlenberg College - Chemistry Department

Biochemical Research Assistant

May - July 2018 • Allentown, PA

What I liked

I loved the opportunity that this job afforded me. I got to work with advanced technologies on the cutting edge of biochemistry research with a professor that I look up to a great deal.

What I wish was different

It was pretty lonely working on campus all summer especially after working mostly alone in the lab all day. I wish that I had had the time to hang out with other people and make new friends after work, but unfortunately I was studying for an exam while also working a full time job.


Don't do it if you don't love it. A lot of people I know try to get into research just so that they look good for medical school or some other post professional school. Doing research at this level is a lot of hard work.... that is, unless you really care about what you're doing. Then it's just another awesome experience.
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