About NantEnergy

Founded in 2006, NantEnergy Inc. is an energy storage solution company enabled by groundbreaking battery technology and integrated smart-grid intelligence. NantEnergy is the first to commercialize rechargeable, high cycle life metal-air technology and has covered around 500,000 commercial cycles. NantEnergy's combination of breakthrough technology and proven company leadership, has enabled the company to bring these environmentally clean and commercially viable solutions to the market place. NantEnergy has filed 90 patents worldwide with over 200 unique claims around its core technology. As we continue to revolutionize the energy industry, we are looking for ambitious, talented individuals to join our world-class team. More information can be found on the company website at


Accounting Intern

February 2019 - April 2019 Scottsdale, AZ
“I liked getting to know some of the staff and learning about their Infor Accounting System. They gave me flexible hours that fit around my school schedule.”
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