NASA Glenn Research Center

About NASA Glenn Research Center

NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio researches, designs, develops and tests innovative technology for aeronautics and spaceflight. We design game-changing technology for spaceflight that enables further exploration of the universe. We create cutting-edge aeronautical technology that revolutionizes air travel.


Telecommunications engineering intern

January 2022 - May 2022 Cleveland, OH
“I really like the atmosphere at NASA Glenn Research Center. I was working in the Cognitive Communications branch, and my mentor and the other employees were all very hard working and also very open to explaining difficult concepts. My mentor was very good at explaining digital signal processing concepts and cognitive communications concepts, neither of which are easy to help someone understand. I liked the amount of responsibility I was given, which allowed me to have a role that mattered within the branch, and feel like I was really contributing. Also, my mentor was very trusting, and took my opinion seriously even on technical matters. Finally, I liked that I was able to take time to really grow skills as I did the work. ”

Aerospace Engineering Intern

June 2021 - August 2021 Cleveland, OH
“I enjoyed the people I worked with, and got to solve some interesting problems”
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