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About National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief provides human-centered debt relief that makes people feel financially and emotionally whole again. We put integrity, growth, and connection at the center of everything we do. Our team members enjoy helping our clients create plans that empower them to take their lives back. In return, as a Great Place to Work certified organization, we provide our diverse workforce with expansive benefits and wellness packages that offer peace of mind.

Integrity – Supporting our client journey through our debt-relief program means that we act with compassion and create a culture of care and support for each other and our communities. NDR team members can voluntarily contribute to two charities each month with a 100% employer match. We also invest in the well-being of our team members with an emphasis on mental health support and physical well-being.

“While NDR is a business, our clients need to know that we are all people as well and understand that dealing with debt can be challenging. Bringing that human aspect back really helps them to know that we WANT to help them.” – Bianca, Retention Team

Connection – As a certified Great Place to Work, we are committed to bringing the best work experience for our team members. This means creating opportunities to connect with our dispersed workforce around the country through team member-led engagement groups, department and companywide celebrations and raffles, and recognition of ourselves and each other.

“The ability we have as a company to turn people’s lives around for the better! Positive, long-lasting education that can be passed from generation to generation. We don't just impact today, we impact the future!” – Stephanie, Client Success Team

Growth – NDR provides learning and development opportunities beyond training for roles. Team members have access to learning platforms, leadership workshops, encouraging coaching sessions, department mentoring programs, etc.

“Every day, I wake up happy to do what I love, give a sense of direction and help people make the right decision for themselves in regards to their finances. NDR is a place of pride to thrive, build long-lasting relationships and change lives for a better tomorrow for our clients. There is no place I would rather be, I can say I am in the right place in my career.” – Ezekiel, Sales Team

Each of our team members supports the organization in their own unique ways. We hope that you can join us in creating more impactful experiences for our clients!


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March 2017 - March 2017 New York City, NY
“Supposedly has good reviews and the earnings potential is high. Great location. ”
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