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National Hispanic Institute is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that hosts leadership programs for high school students across the U.S., Mexico, Panama, and the Dominican Republic.

Our mission is to provide high school age youth with opportunities to develop their leadership skills in an environment that simultaneously builds assets in the Latino community. This work increases investment in human talent and intellectual capital in this population that benefits from leadership development, and also increases participants’ visibility and value to their communities as they emerge as young professionals.
NHI engages college-age interns facilitates communications between a young generation and increases relatability with high school-age youth. Through a three year progressive training model that in turn engages college students as leaders and guides, young Latino students are introduced to leadership as a process that requires self-change and community collaboration.

The Great Debate (GD) – for rising sophomores – focuses on strengthening oral communication skills and critical/analytical thinking around broad social themes that have relevance to Latino communities. The Lorenzo de Zavala Youth Legislative Session (LDZ) – for rising juniors – focuses on managing organizations/systems and creating policy. Finally, the Collegiate World Series (CWS) – for rising seniors – focuses on the college admissions process and inquiry-based decision making.

Our annual report in 2018 showed that 98% of NHI’s 2,500 students enroll in college, and 27% pursue out-of-state education. NHI members enter their college campus communities already having completed 2-3 years of leadership development, and many aim to serve in leadership roles in clubs and organizations. Since 1979, NHI has served over 100,000 youth in more than twenty states and six countries. Notable alums include Adriel Lares, CFO of Fastly; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Congresswoman, New York D-14; Ms. Xochitl Torres-Small, Congresswoman, New Mexico D-2; Mr. Nicholas Gonzalez, Actor and Executive Producer, Hollywood, CA; and Lina Hidalgo - Harris County Judge (Texas), among others.

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July 2018 - July 2018 Rock Island, IL
“I enjoyed every second of it. I felt like I found a second family and it was as if I had made a home for myself away from home. ”
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