National Scoliosis Center

About National Scoliosis Center

The National Scoliosis Center is among the nation's leaders in non-operative treatment of adolescent scoliosis. We provide evidence-based, non-operative treatment for scoliosis through custom braces and EOS imaging.


Senior Orthotist Assistant

January 2020 - November 2022 Fairfax, VA
“My favorite part about working here was the incredibly dedicated staff and the high level of autonomy they awarded me. I was able to pursue my clinical and educational goals while working full time. The whole team was very supportive of my ideas to help the company grow as well as my personal career ambitions. By the time I was about a year in, I was able to handle certain patient appointments completely independently. All of our summer interns or more long term assistants have matriculated on to higher education e.g. Med school, Prosthetics/Orthotics school.”

Orthotics Intern

September 2022 Towson, MD
“This company is marvelous in providing specialized care for scoliosis patients, all of whom are young kids. The Baltimore office is in cohort with the Fairfax central lab for licensed orthotists and was the location my internship was at. I was able to gain skills so far in the lab and with patient interaction and there has been a plethora of information on schooling options for those interested in the field!”
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