National STEM Honor Society (NSTEM)

About National STEM Honor Society (NSTEM)

Our mission is to inspire innovation and recognize student excellence From K to Career in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

"The people!!! Everyone works so hard and is super friendly! It’s a very comfortable environment! I like meeting people like me as well as more experienced people to learn. It’s a very welcoming and good place and a good experience." Intern William Porayouw, Yale University

"My time as an intern at NSTEM prepared me greatly to start the professional chapter of my life. The skills and experiences I gained while at NSTEM allowed me to stand out as a candidate to my employer. I would not have been able to be as successful with my post undergraduate career search without NSTEM." Intern Bryan Weiss, Carthage College

"My time at the National STEM Honor Society was the catalyst that led to my post-graduation career opportunities. The hands-on experience you receive from this company, from both verbal and written communication methods to physical skills in the editing field (since I was a project manager of the video department), is second to none and gives you experience beyond just your field. I would recommend this company to anybody looking for a great way to gain real experience in their field of choice." Intern Patrick Kelly, Attended: Harding University

"Being an intern at NSTEM has been really great, so far! I have just started working in the Social Media and Video Team. Everyone has been so accommodating and welcoming. Despite being new at NSTEM, I have learned multiple online and offline skills. I am extremely excited for what’s in store for me, and I believe that NSTEM will, further, help me be able to reach my future endeavors." Intern Sophia Romulo, Attended: Everest Academy

"I am so proud to be an intern with NSTEM. Not only is the cause great, but the people I get to work with are so smart and driven and I am learning something new from them every day! The opportunities for growth at NSTEM are limitless; in two months I have gone from Intern to Project Manager to Director. Every department has hit the ground running and it’s amazing to see the progress since I started two months ago. If you are wondering if you should apply, do it! It will be the experience of a lifetime." Intern Dakota Krienke, Attended: Wilmington University


Website & Technology Intern

January 2024 - May 2024 Falls Church, VA
“I enjoyed the flexibility in NSTEM because I was able to work on tasks in my own time and it gave me the ability to choose the days and times I'd work.”


August 2023 - May 2024 Plano, TX
“You enjoy interning at the National STEM Honor Society because it allows you to immerse myself in the fascinating world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Working alongside passionate individuals in the Video Department and working as a Co-Director allowed me to dedicated my time to promoting STEM education and ensure videos and STEM ideas made it to the eyes of many. With this internship, I gained valuable experiences, contributed to meaningful projects, and cultivated a deeper understanding of the importance of STEM in society.”
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