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On March 27, 1960, four college students from St. Mary's University in San Antonio began an underground exploration that ultimately would reveal the largest cavern system in Texas. Led to the site after hearing of an amazing 60-foot limestone bridge which would become the caverns' namesake, the students obtained permission from the Wuest family to investigate what laid beneath their ranch. Initially the students didn't make any remarkable finds, but on their fourth expedition they uncovered a long, narrow crawlspace that ultimately opened up into two miles of virgin caverns.
Cavern tours feature vast rooms and winding passages of geologic treasures, from gigantic, towering stone monuments like Sherwood Forest and the Castle of the White Giants, to delicate and rare formations of soda straws and cave ribbon. The formations are plentiful and beautiful, even breath-taking, and nearly all of them are still growing. A family-oriented attraction, Natural Bridge Caverns offers a variety of activities for all ages, including a 60-foot, four-tier adventure course, zip lines, an outdoor maze, a mining sluice, as well as shopping & dining.


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