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About NAU Mathematics and Statistics

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics plays a vital role in STEM education not only through the advanced training of its own majors and graduate students but, through the support it gives to sister disciplines in the College of the Environment, Forestry and Natural Sciences. This support takes the form of advanced coursework in areas such as numerical analysis and partial differential equations (physics and engineering), classes in statistics (biology and forestry) and through its Statistical Consulting Lab which advises faculty and graduate students across the university in the design of experiments and the analysis of data.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics also prepares students for secondary mathematics teaching, provides further training and professional development opportunities for in-service teachers, and works with schools on a variety of outreach activities.


Math coach

November 2016 Flagstaff, AZ
“This program is completely online. All meetings with your team and students are through a video conference tool. Also you get to create your own hours. So you could have an internship or other job and still fulfill all duties as a math coach. ”

Math Coach

February 2018 Northern Arizona University, AZ
“I loved working with my peers, especially since I am going into education as my career. I gained a lot of valuable experience, and I plan to continue working with Peak Performance in the coming summers!”
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