Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Fire & Emergency Services

About Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Fire & Emergency Services

Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Fire and Emergency Services is a large, regional fire department operating twenty-nine (29) fire stations across a multi-state operating area in the Mid-Atlantic and Mid-West.
The fire department provides fire protection/prevention and emergency medical services to the Mid-Atlantic region including structural, shipboard, aircraft firefighting, emergency medical and ambulance service, hazardous material response, technical rescue, hazardous condition standbys, disaster response support, emergency dewatering, fire risk management, courtesy support and public education services.
Approximately half of our stations are located in Hampton Roads/Eastern Virginia. The others are located in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, Illinois, and Indiana.



October 2018 Norfolk, VA
“the opportunity to help the community when they are in need of medical or fire services. ”
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