Ocean Mammal Institute

About Ocean Mammal Institute

The Ocean Mammal Institute (OMI) is a non profit organization dedicated to awakening peoples' minds and hearts to nature's interconnected harmony.

We offer an internship every January for 2 weeks in Maui where we teach students how to conduct field research on the humpback whale. This is a basic field research course open to any college student, any major to apply.

This internship looks at the behavior of humpback whales, the impact of boats on whales and how boats affect whale behavior. The reading material covers whale behavior, how humans affect that and all environmental issues around the oceans. Additionally we look at human impact on the environment and how human psychology affects the decisions we make about the environment.

Our internship helps students understand and feel their connection to nature, and give them courage to act responsibly for the planet and its inhabitants.


field research intern

January 2018 - January 2018 Kihei, HI
“I learned a lot more than I ever anticipated. Not only did I learn about humpback whales in Hawaii particularly, but how humans impact all sorts of marine mammals and the oceans. I also learned about the concept of consciousness and how everyone is connected and we all have to live, learn, and love this world together. ”
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