ODW Logistics

Warehouse Consoldiator

May 2018 • Waukesha, WI

What I liked

The atmosphere of working in a fast paced working environment was a very big change for big and learning communication was my favorite part of this summer job. This was the first time I was in a leading position of a large organization and was very challenging yet fun to me and everyday I learned something new and made improvements to myself and to others.

What I wish was different

That I would have found this organization sooner in my life. I feel that This experience I gained this summer I could have used years ago to help push me in the right direction and to be more disciplined.


I was very bad at first being the leader of a large group I was unable to communicate clearly, but I gained confidence in myself and kept pushing forward. I would tell my past self to not be ashamed of my mistakes instead not be afraid to make them so I can learn from them.
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