About Odyssey

Odyssey gives people a voice to bring new, meaningful ideas to the world. Odyssey is about reflecting what people really feel, not selling more media. Contributors write long-form articles and create videos on what matters to them, and share them organically across their own social networks.

What you see represents nothing other than authentic ideas that the community deems important, and you can spend time with content you really care about.

Open up to new perspectives and ideas, and enrich your life. More people openly contributing content means more opportunities to discover new, diverse opinions and ideas from thousands of writers in local communities around the world. A 360 degree view.

Odyssey has more than 15,000 writers in 1,200 local communities, but this is only the beginning. 30 million uniques now visit Odyssey each month, and 87% of all site traffic is referred via organic social media because someone the reader knows shared it with them.

Odyssey is on the rise because we’re flipping the editorial model on its head, and rejecting the “one size fits all” approach. Odyssey empowers communities restless to be heard and audiences eager to listen, and it’s really resonating.

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