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How do I prepare for an interview for an Editor in Chief position at Odyssey Online?

It definitely helps if you've already spent at least a couple of months writing for Odyssey, before applying to be Editor in chief. This way you are familiar with the weekly schedule and the array of topics that get the most amount of page views. If you have never written for Odyssey, however, pr...
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What's a day in the life of an Editor in Chief at odyssey online like?

The weekly schedule for an Editor in Chief at Odyssey is different for each community, but this is established early on with your managing editor. During my time as Editor in Chief, I started the week off on Monday with an email to all team members with any updates on deadlines, important informa...
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How well did your college major prepare you for your job as an Editor in Chief at Odyssey Online?

Being an English major definitely helped me become a stronger writer and editor. Without taking any editing classes or studying AP style, it's hard to know exactly which corrections to make to writers' articles. A few of my English classes also focused on social media, which was extremely helpful...
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