Office of Representative Joe Webster

Public Relations Intern

January - August 2019 • Norristown, PA

What I liked

The team at Representative Webster's office is phenomenal. The smaller office allows you to "dip your toes" into many different types of work and allows a truly hands on experience. It is the type of internship that does not end with your final day working with them, but rather a continuing relationship in which they aim to help you achieve your goals by any means possible. There is a great sense of openness in the office in which intern opinions and thoughts, especially when discussing current political issues, are valued and encouraged. The Representative does a great job of getting to know his staff and aiding you by all possible means.

What I wish was different

I began with the office's first round of interns, so there was of course an adjustment period to having interns. That being said, the team constantly worked to make the internship experience the best it could be. Working with the Representative was great, but I wish we had gotten to work with him earlier and in a more "hands on" capacity. Team meetings and reunions would be a great way early on to make the interns feel right at home.


If anyone is considering this internship, I would highly recommend it! The biggest advice I could give would be to let your voice be heard. It is easy to take it all in at the beginning and not speak your mind, but your opinion is valued and appreciated and any input you can give to your experience is welcomed by the staff at Representative Webster's office.
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