Office of the State Auditor

About Office of the State Auditor

The State Auditor is a constitutional officer appointed by the Legislature for a term of five years. The Office of the State Auditor is a part of the Legislative branch of Government. Being a part of Legislature allows and requires us to be independent. The Office of the State Auditor is authorized to conduct performance reviews of any program, agency, independent authority, or public entity that receives state funds. We are also required to conduct a follow-up review to determine agency compliance with our audit recommendations. Our final reports are submitted to the Governor, the Legislature, and the Executive Director of the Office of Legislative Services, and are published as public documents on our website.

The Office of the State Auditor is headquartered in Trenton, NJ and we have a satellite office in Cherry Hill, NJ. Our office conducts audits throughout the state. We invite applicants throughout the state of New Jersey.


Summer Auditor Intern

June 2022 - August 2022 Boston, MA
“I liked the hybrid of in-person and online. The employees are so nice and down to earth. My opinions were taken into account and I didn’t feel less than anyone else.”
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