About OfficialVisit

OfficialVisit is a secondary education and college athletics technology company. We help high school students and athletic recruits find their college, while also helping colleges and their athletic programs promote and brand their product.


Senior Analyst

June 2020 Los Angeles, CA
“I think OfficialVisit is a great place to really hone your skills and get some experience working in the sports industry, particularly on the marketing and/or content creation. The top thing that I would say is beneficial is the amount of creative license you can have on different projects as well as your chance to meet a lot of different former and current players at FBS schools! My coolest experiences up to this point, include interviewing Anthony Gordon (former WSU QB), Kuony Deng (current Cal LB) as well as being on a call with Justin Herbert! Moreover, it's one of the very few jobs where you can work closely, as well as have a say, with a president/CEO of the company. ”

College Intern

January 2019 - May 2019 Philadelphia, PA
“My experience working at OfficialVisit was nothing short of excellent. The OfficialVisit team took the time to teach me about the sports industry and gave me tasks that allowed me to have a diversified experience. I began working with Excel, inputting coaching history data in to a spreadsheet, and by the end of my internship, I was working through social media, reaching out to sports photographers. One thing that stood out about the OfficialVisit team was that they always followed through on everything we discussed. Overall, I had a fantastic experience interning at OfficialVisit and would recommend it to anyone looking for a college internship.”
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