Ohio Department of Transportation District 8

About Ohio Department of Transportation District 8

Our mission is to provide safe and easy movement of people and goods from place to place. The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) supports the state highway system and promotes transportation initiatives statewide. As a more than $3 billion per year enterprise, ODOT invests the bulk of its resources in system preservation through maintenance, construction, and snow and ice operations.


College Intern

August 2023 Eaton, OH
“Working on SR 503 was amazing, mostly on account of being trusted on making official measurements. The project over I-70 was a fascinating project, as it was an unusual case (reusing the skeleton of a bridge in need of a replacement while replacing everything else). Learning how we make roads on a road expansion project out by the state border was fascinating, as well. We haven't changed road-making doctrine as a society since the Romans, in a fundamental sense! I look forward to seeing different facets of infrastructure maintenance, installation, and design either in my future career or in a future employment.”
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