Oigetit Fake News Filter

About Oigetit Fake News Filter

As the world’s first fake news filter, our mission is to eliminate the time you spend reading fake news. Oigetit uses a series of complex algorithms to determine if the news you are reading is real or fake based on fact-checking for errors in articles’ statements to recognize unreliable information. Oigetit’s AI-powered fake news filtering technology compares the facts within an article against a large fact database that is derived from historical articles; then, it statistically calculates the levels of bias. Root source analysis also allows Oigetit to quickly determine the validity of the news source. Oigetit then assigns a reliability % score and colored shield based on these factors. This whole analysis occurs within the blink of an eye. With Oigetit, manually deciding the trustworthiness of news articles is no longer an issue.

About the Co-Founders:
As an intern at our company, you will have the unique opportunity to work with Franklin Urteaga and Steven Batiste, the Co-Founders of Oigetit. Franklin is a world-famous former White House Innovation Advisor to U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton & Obama, as well as a successful entrepreneur. Franklin helped to establish the online dating industry worldwide by launching famous dating websites, including Christian Mingle & J-Date. Steven is a world-class technical leader recognized as the Architect and CTO of globally known companies.


Website QA

June 2021 - October 2021 Sunnyvale, CA
“The schedule was very flexible allowing me to work whenever I wanted and the work was very straight forward and easy to get the hang of. I was also left to my own devices most of the time.”
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