Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation

Neighborhood Engagement Coordinator

June - August 2022 • Cleveland, OH

What I liked

My favorite part about working with OBCDC is the personal relationships they have with so many community members, leaders, and businesses. After I tended the OBCDC booth at the Old Brooklyn Farmers' Market, I went to a recommended local restaurant named Sabor Miami where I was welcomed by the owner and talked to her as she saw my OBCDC shirt and asked if I worked there. Not to mention, the staff at OBCDC is like a family. There are only 9 of us working in office consistently so it was easy to meet the staff and they were so friendly and consistently made sure I was getting what I wanted out of the internship experience. Additionally, I was able to work a broad arrangement of tasks whether it was cleaning up around the neighborhood, working the farmers market, entering data, passing out flyers, supervising youth camp kids and more! I am so glad I had the opportunity to work at Old Brooklyn CDC, it was an amazing experience and was more than I could ask for. I gained a ton of professional experience, new skills, and strongly improved my oral communication skills by talking to countless community residents, business owners, leaders etc.

What I wish was different

In my opinion, there was not much to dislike about the job as it was what I expected and better. This was a community service based job with a strong background in public health. I wish I would have been able to be a part of some of the projects my coworkers were in, it's not that they didn't let me, it was more of the fact I was not yet qualified for those projects.


Work for Old Brooklyn CDC!! Great place to work, with a friendly environment. One piece of advice I would share is try to make as many personal connections to local businesses as you can. The owners are a great pivot point and are able to share lots of information to individuals they have strong connections with.
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