Omaha Children's Museum

About Omaha Children's Museum

Since its inception in 1976, Omaha Children's Museum has been a special place where children can challenge themselves, discover how the world works and learn through play. The mission of Omaha Children's Museum is to engage the imagination and create excitement about learning. The museum's permanent exhibits include Charlie Campbell Science & Technology Center, Art Smart Center, Imagination Playground and Walker Tire & Auto Service Center. In addition to its permanent exhibits, Omaha Children's Museum offers educational programs, traveling exhibitions, field trips, outreach programs, summer camps and early childhood programs.


Programmer / Imagination Crew

May 2019 - August 2019 Omaha, NE
“At the Omaha Children's Museum, I gained experience working with people from all different backgrounds. Not only did I interact with a diverse group of guests and fellow employees, but also people with a variety of experiences. For example, I will never forget the day a shy little girl came over to take a picture with our princess. As I talked with her mother, I discovered that she was diagnosed with cancer a little over a year ago. For a year, this little girl was confined to her home and the hospital because of her chemo treatment. Finally, after a year, she was well enough to leave the house. She chose to go to the children's museum to play like other children. This girl, barely three years old, was so strong and so brave. Lucky for me, I played, laughed, and helped her forget about her illness. At the Omaha Children's Museum, I could make a small difference through my interactions.”

Summer Camp Counselor

May 2016 - August 2019 Omaha, NE
“It had a great atmosphere. Upper management is very involved and works with lower level employees. They all really care for the kids that come to the museum and work to make as happy a place as possible. ”
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