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About Omics LIVE

Omics LIVE is an established 501(c)(3) education non-profit providing Virtual Internships specifically designed with a "real life" platform. Omics LIVE offers its students an invaluable opportunity to participate with an "option" of receiving career credits pending approval from their respected Career Center.

The current Internship experience is a Semester Term with 60 Seconds Magazine; an online publication operating under the mantra of "by Interns, for Everyone!"

The management style adopted at the Magazine is a replicate of a real-world publication with weekly assignments, a commitment to responsibilities called out by an Editor or Content Manager, and the ability to meet your agreed upon deadlines.

Like the real-world, the organization is structured with a 3-strikes philosophy in order to maintain a professional atmosphere identical to that of a traditional publication.

Promotions after writing for one semester at 60 Seconds are considered with the most popular being the Editor Role overseeing a team of Writers for a specific tab. In this role you would manage all content, creativity and editing.

Social Media for Business roles are also available.

All magazine roles are remote allowing students to continue other commitments including class assignments, campus obligations and other Internship experiences.

The mission at Omics Live is to offer students the opportunity to explore professional careers while gaining real world business skillsets, networking opportunities and resume-enhancing projects.

Participating Universities include: USC, UCLA, Wellesley College, Pepperdine University, Chapman University, University of California-San Diego, Carnegie Mellon, University of Arizona, University of Oregon, University of Miami, Wharton School of Business (U of Penn), Menlo School of Business (Silicon Valley), Florida State University, Westmont College, TCU, Clark University, Barnard College, Columbia University and FIDM.

The Omics Live platform is an equal opportunity environment spanning many cultures without hinderance or pre-conditions. We are committed to ensuring all students who participate in our Internship program are gifted with a unique opportunity to fulfill their passions and goals without binding limitations. Our programs are recognized throughout the educational system as many Omics Live students have gone on to succeed in all sectors of the business world.
OMICS: Outstanding Minds Interning for Career Success.


Magazine Editor

June 2020 Orange, CA
“Omics LIVE's "60 Seconds" online magazine is set up to allow its writers and editors creative freedom to write about what interests them, which helps you learn to trust your own instincts. It's a warm and welcoming environment and the founder, Sherri, is incredibly kind and helpful.”
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