Pagels Ponderosa Dairy, LLC

Calf Management Intern

June - August 2021 • Kewaunee, WI

What I liked

As an intern at Pagels, I felt I was very personally invested in by the farm owners and managers. They did an awesome job of allowing me hands-on experience on-farm and letting me pursue whatever educational opportunities possible. Personally, I learn best by doing--and Pagel's was definitely the place for that. Their calf ranch is one of the best I have been on, and I learned so many skills and other information there I will definitely continue to use in the future.

What I wish was different

At times, the structure of my internship was a little ambiguous. I had one project, which was finished fairly quickly, otherwise, my only responsibilities were to learn and experience everything possible. Personally, I quickly adapted and learned to use this to my advantage, but for some interns, it may be difficult to not have a rigid schedule.


Use the flexibility of this internship to your advantage! Take time to visit each of the farms owned by Pagel Family Businesses and don't be afraid to ask if you can experience/learn different faucets on the farm (be it preg. checks, breeding, maternity, etc!) Ask questions and be willing to advocate for yourself, the people at Pagels are very accommodating to help interns learn different skills or interests.
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