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At PalmState, we chose a unique approach to marketing to insure that we could get the best return from our efforts. Indirect forms of marketing have continually become less effective in recent years. With millennial’s now dominating America’s consumer population; they have shown an increasingly greater response to more direct forms of marketing. At PalmState, we choose to work face-to-face for our clients to insure that a positive relationship is built between the client and their consumers. What makes this technique even more rewarding is that PalmState has secured contracts with some of the world’s largest vendor locations, allowing them to utilize consistent consumer platforms to deliver outstanding client results on a daily basis! We are the best at what we do because we put the time into our staff to develop them the fully, assuring their success and advancement.


Account Manager (Advertising)

June 2018 Columbia, SC
“great hours and taught me a lot about my leadership skills”
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