Par Avion Ltd.

Marketing Assistant

February - May 2020 • Houston, TX

What I liked

This position offered a lot of learning points for me. This was my first true marketing job and with that, I got to learn first hand all the different aspects that marketing has to offer. My favorite part of working here was learning about true market research. While school prepares you for market research, this position actually brought me into the world of marketing research and made me realize how much I like it. Janine offers a lot of experience in all of the aspects of the business world so getting to work alongside her was a pleasure. Her office was welcoming and as more time went by the more comfortable I felt working there. Aside from learning about the aviation industry, I learned a lot about marketing, office work, and general business expectations.

What I wish was different


One piece of advice I would share is to be open-minded about the industry. It is a hard industry to understand but the more time and effort you put into learning the ins and outs of aviation, the better you will be at this job. Overall, take in as much information as you can because the industry is amazing and I'm grateful for everything I learned about aviation and about the business world in general.
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