About Pattern

Pattern is a group of physician-only financial consultants who have provided trusted advice to thousands of doctors.

We significantly invest in educating our clients about financial products and services and take the time to build a strong working relationship predicated on loyalty and trust. Working with thousands of physicians through the years has given us an understanding of the opportunities and obstacles faced by physicians and their practices. This allows us to cater specific solutions and advice to help simplify their lives and reach their financial goals.


Application Specialist

April 2019 Omaha, NE
“When I initially was looking for internships, I was drawn to Pattern's startup culture. It is a fun, creative, and friendly work environment that has allowed me to succeed in both my personal growth and the company's growth. Over the past year and a half, I have learned a great many things about myself and how a successful company should operate. Pattern has provided me with many opportunities to provide insightful and meaningful input and labor to the companies operations. Outside of the opportunities provided, Pattern excels at goal setting with fun rewards like a trip to Great Wolf Ledge, the Global Leadership Summit, company outings to Vala's Pumkin Patch, and Top Golf. My absolute favorite part is the culture and people within the organization. I have made many friendships with my coworkers and every Friday we celebrate everything we achieved thorughout the week!”


May 2020 Omaha, NE
“They were extremely welcoming upon hiring. The entire company will offer you any help you need. It has also been very accommodating with school hours and any other personal reasons. The reason I applied was because of the size of the company. The best part is that I know everyone in the company and they all made it a point to introduce themselves and befriend me.”
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