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About Paulson Investment Company

Founded in 1970 in Portland, Oregon, Paulson Investment Company, LLC has earned national distinction as a premier boutique investment bank. Focusing on the small to mid-cap markets, we participated in more than 175 public and private offerings while raising over $1.2 billion in the financings.

In the past, we offered a full range of financial products and services to our clients. Recently, to better serve our clients, we reorganized and concentrated our efforts on limited access private equity offerings. We assess all prospective opportunities utilizing our management teams combined 100+ years of experience.

When considering us, please evaluate us by our depth of experience, our diligence, and unwavering commitment to the future.
Paulson is seeking entry level private equity sales associates who are willing to work diligently at building a pipeline of retail accredited investors to assess proprietary firm underwritten opportunities in the fields of biotech, medical devices, etc.

This is a sales position with competitive compensation. There is a draw against commission to ease transitions and building phases. Most firm transactions also compensate with broker warrants.

Please be willing to work hard and smart.


Private Equity Intern

December 2022 - February 2023 Fort Lauderdale, FL
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