What's the company culture really like at PepsiCo?

People are first. PepsiCo is a diverse company like no other. Each employee comes from different walks of life and all bring unique viewpoints which help in making PepsiCo. one of the best companies to work for!
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If anyone here has experience working at PepsiCo, how did it help your professional/personal growth?

PepsiCo helped me build my professional growth, by teaching me all aspects of transportation. Within the brokerage division, fast growth is really manageable. Having PepsiCo on my resume has enabled to me to transition to a higher role at another transportation company with ease.
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When comparing PepsiCo to the main competition, how does the company stand out?

Often times, PepsiCo is compared to Coca-Cola. People inside the company know that is comparing apples to oranges. Yes, both are fruit, but PepsiCo has a much greater portfolio than Coca-Cola and has products that lead in numerous industry departments. There is a reason PepsiCo is trading over 60...
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Any tips for succeeding at PepsiCo?

I think a collaborative mindset is key to success at PepsiCo. Even if you're in Marketing, the types of projects you'll be given will require you to work cross-functionally with people from Finance, Sales, Design, R&D, and other divisions. You need to be able to collaborate with different types o...
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If I were to work a day as an account manager at PepsiCo, what would it look like?

It requires many time to stay outside the office, visiting clients and visiting the sales force in order to coordinate the agenda and solve the most urgent issues. The other part of time is in the office, coordinating inner process relevant to the channel sales, such as, innovation product proces...
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Tips to help me prepare for my interview for an account manager position at PepsiCo?

The main issue is to show knowledge about the massive consumption industry, understand how it works, the main clients in the local market, such as walmart or even better the main clients of the Key Account Manager of Convenience Stores ans Food Service that can be Seven Eleven, Oxxo or Sodexo dep...
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What would it be like to spend a day in the life of a delivery assistant at PepsiCo?

A day in the life of a PepsiCo Delivery assistant is long. Many days you start at or before 6 am and aren't off until about 4-6 pm. The workload varies from day to day, however. The worst of it is in the fourth of July week, as stores request a lot more product compared to their normal schedule. ...
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I'm interested in a delivery assistant position at PepsiCo, but can anyone tell me how I can prepare for my interview?

Theres not too much to prepare for an interview as a delivery assistant at PepsiCo, because the job is entry level. It would be smart to mention experiences like moving furniture, operating hand trucks, and show that you can work the long days
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Anyone willing to share how to best prepare for an interview for a manufacturing operations internship at PepsiCo?

To prepare for the interview, I looked up the job description on their website to learn as much as I could about the position they were interviewing for. I tried to find specific job responsibilites that my skills could relate too. Furthermore, I made sure to learn some brief knowledge on the com...
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What can I expect working a day as a manufacturing operations intern at PepsiCo?

Each day at my internship was very different. But in general, you have meetings set up throughout the day. When you are not in a meeting, you are either on the plant floor working on your project or on your computer analyzing data.
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Interview coming up, so how do I best prepare for an accounting control internship at PepsiCo?

You should know why you want to work for PepsiCo. Interviewers at PepsiCo want to make sure you not only excel in an academic setting, but also that you have the drive to excel within a Fortune 50 setting. Applicants should also be comfortable talking about challenges they have faced, either in ...
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Can someone share what a day in the life of an accounting controls intern may be like, particularly at PepsiCo?

You will be assigned to a specific function within the accounting team, such as Tax, Internal Reporting, Consolidation, etc. but you will have exposure to all teams within accounting by working with each team, whether it be specific tasks or projects. Thus, each day will be different, which makes...
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What's going to help me be ready to interview for a nutrition scientist position at PepsiCo?

Review basic nutrition science principles. Be enthusiastic and friendly to everyone you talk to. Think about your strengths, and weaknesses, and how that might put you at an advantage or disadvantage within a fast-paced, team-work oriented company.
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I'm not familiar with the role of a nutrition scientist, particularly at PepsiCo, so what's it like?

This will depend on what your exact role is and what business your support. This should be outlined in the job description, but can vary from grains, to dairy, to beverages, etc. You will be involved in product development-related projects, acting as the nutrition subject matter expert. You will ...
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