Chapter Coordinator

May - August 2019 • Portland, OR

What I liked

I loved the people I worked with! The office was primarily made up of young women (ages 17-22) which was really fun. I made a lot of new friends (some Reed affiliated, others not) which greatly improved my summer in Portland. I also really enjoyed working for a non-profit, because the work mattered to me, and collaborating on other driven young women toward a common goal was really rewarding.

What I wish was different

The office was incredibly disorganized, and there was a lot of tension between the interns program and the full-time employees. Additionally, the boss who oversaw everything was very in and out, so getting things done efficiently and positively was a challenge. It was hard to feel unheard especially in a role that was all about empowering young people. I also really wish it was paid! I have done a lot of unpaid work throughout college, and I find that it limits the people able to complete the internships so greatly; especially for a non-profit, I did not like that people were going unpaid/barely paid because it meant that only those who could afford to do so were working in the office.


Try to get a clear sense of the job description before starting! I don't think I would have found this experience so positive had I not really loved my coworkers, but that was just up to chance and luck. Also, speaking (if possible) with those who have done it before or worked there already would have been really useful. I know this isn't always possible, but also apply for as many grants as you can if it's unpaid! Unfortunately, I wasn't awarded any of the grants through Reed, but I know some people who were and it made this job possible for them.
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