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About Permasteelisa North America Corp.

Active in the American market for over 20 years, we deliver bespoke and advanced technical solutions dedicated to improving our built environment bringing façade construction landmark projects to life. Among our achievements there are some of the world's most prestigious architectural works. Impressive Projects such as Eight Spruce Street, 7WTC, 3WTC and Central Park Tower in New York and Uber Headquarters and MIRA Tower in San Francisco and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles mark our presence in the region.


Project Management Intern

June 2021 Mendota Heights, MN
“Permasteelisa is a great company to work for due to the fact that the company constantly challenges their employees while continually supporting the employees as well. As an intern, I thoroughly enjoyed the influx of knowledge and learning something new everyday. Even employees who had been at the company for years are advancing and further developing their own knowledge. The environment, the people, and the culture of the company had definitely stood out to me in a positive way. Every employee is passionate about what they do which drives collaboration and increase productivity. Through my experiences as a project management intern, I was able to meet with and learn from so many fantastic individuals. ”

Structural Engineering Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Mendota Heights, MN
“My internship at Permasteelisa North America (PNA) was a dream come true. I am a picky customer when it comes to internships and jobs, but I was completely satisfied with my experience at PNA. One significant aspect of the internship was the training/mentoring that I received. I was mentored and trained throughout the summer by several engineers on the team. They took an interest in to how I was handling the internship, they listened to my personal goals and took efforts to make sure that I could achieve them, and they encouraged me to grow in my ability as an engineer. This was very impactful to me personally because of the in-depth nature of the training and the amount of care and respect they gave me. Also, regarding what it was like working in the office, I felt that PNA did a wonderful job of assimilating me into the team. They were quick to teach me, answer any questions I had, and also make me feel welcome. The office was very collaborative, and I noticed that the people there liked working with each other. We had a soccer team with the structural engineering team, did an escape room together, and had BBQs just as some quick examples! Besides the qualitative aspects of the internship, I would say that through the internship I became a more proficient engineer. This happened through working on several projects and being exposed to different problems throughout the internship, being given the opportunity to work with different structural analysis software, and being given the space to search for answers in design manuals. Through these experiences I naturally became more familiar with these aspects of the job and became more confident in my abilities. Overall, I am very happy that I accepted the position as an intern at PNA. It re-defined what I expect out of an internship!”
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