PetMedic Hospitals

Marketing Manager

May 2020 • Las Vegas, NV

What I liked

I love working with PetMedic Hospitals because of the team culture. The owner, Dr. Sabharwal, brings a fresh perspective to veterinary medicine and how to run a company (something you don't see very often in this industry). Ideas coming from receptionists are just as valued and considered as ideas coming from the leadership team. Among the team, there's a shared vision and everyone understands their equal importance in achieving this vision. I've worked with other animal hospitals in the past and have faced a number of issues like; superiority complex from leadership, volatile or hostile work environment, poor treatment of patients/clients, and much more. Working with PetMedic Hospitals has been an eye-opener on how much team culture can affect not only your work but your overall quality of life.

What I wish was different

The veterinary field has a high turnover rate compared to other industries. While this isn't a PetMedic Hospital-specific issue, it has been surprising seeing how many veterinary professionals jump from clinic to clinic.


Find an employer who plays into your individual strengths and really investigate their team ethos. All companies will say there is potential for growth, their team is like a "family," etc. Actions speak louder than words! If you can see that their leadership team all started in entry-level positions, or that most of their team members are friends outside of work, chances are there is truth in their words.
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