Pittsburgh Schweitzer Fellows Program

About Pittsburgh Schweitzer Fellows Program

The Pittsburgh Schweitzer Fellows Program (PSFP) develops leaders in the direct service of improving health, promoting well-being, and advancing social and environmental justice for at-risk communities and underserved populations.

The Pittsburgh Schweitzer Fellows Program is one of 14 programs across the country. Others include: Alabama, Boston, Chicago, Columbus-Athens, Dallas/Fort Worth, Detroit, Houston-Galveston, Los Angeles, New Hampshire/Vermont, New Orleans, North Carolina, San Francisco Bay Area, and Tulsa

As the only yearlong, direct service, interdisciplinary, experiential learning program for graduate students that addresses the needs of disadvantaged citizens in southwest Pennsylvania, the Pittsburgh Schweitzer Fellows Program attracts outstanding and dedicated emerging professionals. We develop “leaders in service” by giving emerging professionals: an opportunity to experience the benefits and challenges of working with disadvantaged populations; an arena for launching a project that reflects their passion; a chance to try out what they have learned in school; and a forum for interacting with future professionals from a variety of disciplines.



May 2019 - August 2019 Pittsburgh, PA
“It's a very small non-profit, so I was able to really see how it works. I also got to interview the fellows and hear about their amazing work. I also felt better about not being paid at a non-profit rather than working for a big company and still not being paid for an internship.”
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